From kids to adults, players to coaches everyone loves “Rick” hockey goalie training equipment

Rick-O-Shay Hockey Goalie was featured on Season Four of Rescue Me - Score a goal today

“Great glove. Great skills. Doesn’t slash or talk back.”

Rick-O-Shay was featured on Season Four of Rescue Me, on the episode was called “Cycle”. Look for it on YouTube or iTunes.

Denis Leary


“Rick-O-Shay has been a huge hit at all five of our locations. Everyone from kids to adults, customers and coaches really enjoy shooting on “Rick.” He’s a challenge to score on and gives up unpredictable rebounds. But what has impressed me most is that “Rick” can handle the hardest shots. We’ve had Division 1 college players and NHL players give him their best shots and we’ve never had even a crack. For rink operators, I really feel this product can help increase business for drop in sessions because it’s so much fun for your customers.”

Rob Schriner

Director of Hockey, Chiller Ice Rinks, Columbus Ohio and former captain of the Ohio State D1 Hockey team and Columbus Chill ECHL team, thechiller.com

“The Rick-O-Shay goal blocker has been a tremendous upgrade over the traditional “shooter-tooters” that we currently use. Because of the realistic rebounds we can use this product in all our game situational drills to develop our students no matter what the age. This product enhances every drill we use it in! Dynamic Skating looks forward to using the Rick-O-Shay goal blocker in all our clinics and summer programs.”

John McLean

Lead Director Dynamic Skating & Former Professional Hockey Player, dynamicskating.com

“Works great, kids use almost everyday”


Prior Lake, MN

“…the product is awesome! We feel really good about helping you
promote it and incorporating it into our teaching and training systems. It has got to be one of the best tools to teach scoring and accuracy. Of course, it is also a phenomenal replacement when a goalie is not available, as well as superior to any shooter tutor out there.”

Ted Butler

Instructor USA Clinics, usaclinics.com

“I wanted to let you know how useful the Rick-O-Shay has proven. I have used the canvas Shooter Tutor in the past, and there is no comparison. With the S.T., when the puck hits the canvas, it just drops down. With the Rick-O-Shay, the pluck deflects back toward the ice, similar to hitting a goalie.

When I first received the Rick-O-Shay, I was concerned about the plastic construction. I had one of the Midget teams practice slap shots against it. Other than a few puck marks, there was absolutely zero damage.

Since getting the Rick-O-Shay, I have found many uses for it. WE use this during our Learn to Play Hockey Classes, Stick & Puck sessions, and even Adult Pickup sessions when we are short a goalie. Skaters of all ages love it, including the adults! I have also set it up at school carnivals. This has been a great source of publicity for my facility. If any of your customers would like to speak with me directly, please feel free to give them my contact information.”

Mike Sanderson

Vice President Ridglea Entertainment, Inc., Ridglea Entertainment, Inc.